Utility Revenue Management is an industry leader in water and wastewater revenue enhancement services.  Our founding officers conducted the first ever water utility revenue enhancement audit and developed the processes and protocols now considered to be standard across the industry.  We have the personnel, equipment, and expertise to inspect municipal systems of all sizes for revenue losses, and can help recover lost revenues without requiring the utility to increase its budget, personnel, or rates.

URM’s business is to assist public water and wastewater utilities in maximizing their billable revenues. This is achieved through the identification and correction of the many causes of billing and metering inconsistencies. Using systems and processes developed and proven by the URM team, we have identified more billable revenues for our customers than any other firm in the water and wastewater industry. Our revenue enhancement programs have allowed utilities across the United States to increase their revenues by over $50 million annually, or one half billion over a decade.


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