Since 1992, URM has identified more than $70 million in potential unbilled revenue for 26 water and wastewater utilities.  No other company in the United States can offer the services and expertise that URM combines to provide a program that is politically acceptable, technically feasible, and financially sound.

Our goal is to work with the utility staff to ensure that all the services delivered to its customers are fairly and accurately metered and billed.

The three general areas of revenue enhancement are billing inconsistencies, wastewater exceptions, and meter malfunction or tampering. Identification of revenue losses require a detailed analysis of billing systems, class codes, consumption patterns, credits given for water not returned to the wastewater system, all policies, procedures and practices as they relate to the correct billing of individual water and wastewater customers for services rendered, as well as identification of structural barriers within an organization to the correct billing of individual customers for water and wastewater services rendered.

URM's revenue enhancement program is performance fee based.  We get paid a percentage of the increased revenues that are actually collected, not estimated or projected, which means WE DON'T GET PAID UNTIL YOU DO.  URM bear all start-up costs, as well as all ongoing costs associated with its Program (except for the hardware, installation, bench testing and related service costs associated with the repair, replacement and/or installation and calibration of meters) thereby eliminating any risk for the client utility.  


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